If you’re like most, approximately 50% of your week consists of non-sales activity:  emails, follow ups, coordination calls, reminders, thank you notes, paperwork and the like.   How can you make the kind of money you want to make if ½ of your workweek is on administrative tasks?  High payoff activity in your business is prospecting, running sales calls and marketing and everything else should be pressing buttons. 

Workflow automation is taking everything that is redundant in your business: calls, letters, emails, videos, to-do’s and pipeline management and creating workflow schematics that delivery everything you need to have happen automatically at the press of a button.  I can tell you as a young sales professional, this is what I always wanted because I candidly didn’t like nor did I enjoy anything that slowed me down.  So I purchased several CRMs over many years only to never use them because I could never get any of these platforms to do what I needed them to do.  I didn’t understand them, couldn’t figure it out on my own and to have someone or some 3rd party consultant do them for me meant thousands of dollars.  Even some of the big CRM companies today can’t and won’t do it because they want to sell their technology to everyone; and when you do that, you cannot offer a done for you solution unless you hire people as consultants to help your customers create what they need.  That works ok for medium sized businesses that have the capital to invest in workflow management, but not for small business owners.  We chose to not be everything to everyone, but to focus on the industries we knew we were very good at.  That focus allowed us the ability to create “done for you” workflow designs and beyond that , all of the content that goes along with the workflows.  

For your industry that are three very important segments of your business that should be completely automated and have workflows built around:    1.  When you get a lead, what happens 2.  After you speak with or meet with that lead, what happens and 3. After they say yes to you, what happens from the time they say yes to the time you get paid. 

The End Result?

The end result is simple:  all but about 5% of your workweek can now focus on new sales and high payoff activity.   Spider Pro has already streamlined your business for you; let us know how we can help.

Marcus Lemonis, star of TV hit “The Profit”