What have you always been taught about succeeding in the profession of sales? That it’s a contact sport!  Contact, interest, qualify, present, close.   Simply put, the more people that see/hear your message, the more you close.  So your first level of success in sales is leveraging the people you know, past clients, centers of influence and referral partners.  Building your referral network and communicating effectively with your database is your first step towards peak performance; that is your business CORE.   

With most people, that isn’t yielding them enough leads on a regular and consistent basis.  In order to reach your income objective, you must create another channel of where your leads come from.  The most powerful form of marketing today is digital marketing.  This option has intimidated so many people; especially the “non-technical”; and for no reason as the fundamentals, once understood are not difficult for anyone to understand and deploy for their business.

It’s human nature to gravitate towards what you know; and that has led many Realtors, Mortgage and Insurance professionals towards traditional media: print, tv, newspaper, radio, billboards etc.  Expensive and ineffective today as traditional media has declined over 800% over the last few years.  And the reason is simple: cellphone penetration has taken over radio, print and newspaper with accessible, free or low cost app’s.  DVR’s have allowed people to fast forward through TV ads.  So today’s consumer is elusive.  The one area we know they are congregating is online and in social media; with a majority of those viewers being on their mobile device.  

These factors have led to over 90% of your prospects beginning the beginning phases of their buying and decision making, online.  So what do most Realtors, loan originators and insurance professionals do about it?  They buy leads from companies that have done the work to capture the prospects:  Trulia, Realtor.com, Zillow to mention a few.  Buying leads can be a very slippery slope!  These leads are sold to other people in your market so they are non-exclusive leads  and can get very costly, especially when your conversion rates on these leads are dismal.  

The Beauty of Online Sales Funnels

Can you imagine sitting with the local newspaper ad rep and saying “I’ll place the ad with you but I only want to pay for the number of people that actually looked at my ad and gave it some attention”.  Can you imagine telling your local radio ad rep, “ I’ll place the ad with you but I only want to pay a ‘per-listener’ fee for those that actually didn’t switch stations and actually heard my ad”.  That’s impossible to measure!  Even better; what if your local newspaper rep said, “I tell you what, place a ad with us for 6 months.  If your ad is a hit with our subscribers, we will put you on the front page every day for free for the next several years!  Ludacris right?  Digital marketing says yes to all of those once imaginable requests.


Facebook, Google, Youtube, Pintrest, Instagram, Snap-Chat, Yahoo, Bing, high traffic local blog sites:  all of these companies have acquired specific knowledge, interests and behavior patterns from their users.  This gathering of information has produced an opportunity an opportunity for you to develop a very specific marketing message (online sale funnel) and target only those people that would be interested in that message.    For example; let’s suppose I were a loan originator and I developed an “online sales pitch” called: “getting a mortgage if you’re self-employed”.  I can place a facebook ad and only target small business owners within a 30 mile radius of me.  If they don’t click on the ad, it costs you nothing but you still got the “impression”.  If they click on your ad and it takes them to your sales funnel content, you pay less than a stamp for that person to watch your short video, or see your landing page content that creates interest and perhaps give you their contact information in return for more information.    Can you imagine telling a sales person you just hired, “ go out and talk to 300 business owners this week and when you’re done, I will pay you $30.00.    Facebook would gladly present you, and your content to your target market to 300 people for that kind of money!  With Google, Bing and Yahoo it works the reverse.   You market your online sales funnel and set up an ad where only people that type in a specific phrases will see your ad.  If they don’t click on it, you don’t pay.  If they do, you pay very little!   This is Search Engine Marketing: mini sales pitch’s we call online sales funnels that get in front of a very specific target demographic.  It’s you doing hundreds of sales pitch’s per week, 24/7 and not taking away any of your time.   

What’s Better Than Paying a Little Is Not Paying Anything!

Who wouldn’t love to be on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo search phrases right?  Prior to the last few years, there were methods used to “rig” your way onto the first page.  Those days are long over and the sophistication of their algorithms have been able to measure not only how much traffic, but what kind of engagement and impact your website/blog/landing pages are having on people in your local market.  So the first, it takes a lot of clicks, likes and shares.  Second it takes people spending time on your website/landing pages.  Third it takes activity like blogging and both keeping your audience informed and engaged on an ongoing basis.  In simple terms, you can get their if you’re good and if you’re consistent.  The end result is magnificent for you.   

Your Biggest Challenge and How We’ve Solved Your Problems

To succeed at internet marketing, here’s what you need:

  1. Landing Pages- consumers don’t want to land on your website.  It’s too much.  They are searching for quick answers and you better give it to them quick and not be long winded; or they’ll leave.  Every problem or question people have, you should have those answers on 1 page websites, landing pages. Every landing page must also create emotion, provide logic and a compelling “hook” that gets them to take the next step with you (fill out a lead capture form, go to your website
  2. Auto responder/drips – they fil out your lead capture form in exchange for additional information.  You give it to them automatically in addition to more value that is unexpected.  This all needs to be automated and you must have a system that tells you when to step in and make contact with them.
  3. Content-  this is where most struggle.  First they struggle making the time to create it while others simply aren’t effective at creating content.
  4. Distribution of your sales funnels- where to place your funnels, how to write ad copy that works and how to split test those ads properly.  

Spider Media has solved all of these problems for the Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance industries.  We provide the tools, the technology, the content, the autoresponders and the step-by-step training on sales funnel distribution.  This provides even the most novice internet marketer with a turkey solution to begin marketing their business online.   Specializing in three industries has enabled us to marry technology to content and do all of the things people struggle doing on their own.  

Want to rapidly rank organically online?  Dominate your local market Search Engine Optimization, by clicking here to see how we marry your website to your landing page marketing efforts.  

Author:  Pat Fenton, CEO SpiderMedia