Every week I speak with Realtors, Loan Originators and Insurance agents.  And when we talk about websites, virtually no-one says “my website gets me leads and I’m excited about my website”.   In fact, most have no idea how many unique visitors been on their site over the last 30 days because they don’t have Google analytics tied to their site.  Even the ones that do, seldom look at the numbers because they are abysmal.   Yet the million-dollar question is, “do Realtors, Loan Originators and Insurance Agents generate business from their website”?  Of course, but only the ones that truly know what they are doing.  Take Dan Green for example.  Creator of themortgagereports.com.  He did the right things, followed the formula and became his own lead aggregator.  His website ranked nationwide in almost every major keyword phrase in the mortgage industry, not just in his local market.  He saw the shift in how consumers were buying mortgages, he implemented change in his business and exploded.  His website produced so many leads that he was able to sell themortgagereports.com for an undisclosed amount of money.  He spent 10’s of thousands of dollars per month on his website:  internal web developers, content writers, graphic designers; there was no early short cut; he spent and worked his way to top even the largest banking institutions, who spent millions only to be defeated organically by him. 

What we’ve produced at Spider Media is a low cost, turnkey solution where even the average Joe can rank organically online.  That has always been our passion and our target, to help good people win.

The Top 5 Reasons Realtors, Loan Originators and Insurance Professionals don’t get business from their website

1.    They don’t have a website–  in today’s day and age, that’s the equivalent to saying, “I’m a baker and the only thing I lack is an oven”.  Your store is closed is what the online viewer is saying.  Even if someone refers your name, the consumer will go online and find nothing.  Nothing is worse than negative comments as today’s consumer tends to look at all factors and takes negative comments with a grain of salt.  Online viewers like to check things out online before speaking with people and you are selling big ticket; you’re not selling t-shirts or protein bars.  Consumers today look at businesses that do not have a website as “off the table”. 

2.   Their online sales funnels are divorced from their website–  if your online sales funnels are not part of your website, you’ll never organically rank.  A big part of ranking online is you driving people to your website; not creating a website that is merely pretty in hopes it will one day grow based on how old it gets.  A big mistake I see people that do attempt to succeed online, is they will purchase three technologies:  1.  A CRM 2.  A Drop and Drag Landing page maker and 3.  A website.; all of which are completely divorced from one another.  If you want to win online, they all need to be completely connected.

3.   You have a company sponsored website-  most of our veteran agents know better when it comes to this.  When you take advantage of the free website your company provides, you are nothing more than a sub-directory of THEIR website.  So even though you have your own private domain name, Google, Bing and Yahoo knows it’s the “mothership” domain name that got the click.  Every top producer I have ever coached knows that people buy from people in this business, not companies.  You must brand YOU and you definitely want to grow YOUR NAME online.  The obvious secondary benefit is if/when you leave your current company for another.  Can you imagine ranking all over the place online and branding the company name and then you leave?  Google won’t say, “oh, Johnny left so let’s convert of this content over to his new company”. 

4.   No Search Engine Marketing Strategy.  So many people spend countless hours and thousands of dollars on how the website looks and zero on driving people to it.  Pretty doesn’t pay, creating good content, and getting that content in front of your target consumers and driving them to your site does. 

5.   No Activity-  Google, Bing and Yahoo love activity, blog posts and social media syndication.   Social media syndication is when your social media accounts are connected to your website.  So when a blog goes on your website, that content is immediately posted as well on all of your social media accounts.  Search engines want to see how connected you are to your audience and how much of an impact you’re making on them.  In short, they know if you’re engaging people or not.    Our website product, Spider Sites people love because we do your social media syndication for you and also blog weekly for you.  There is however, no replacement for original content.  It’s important for you occasionally include your own blog article or video on your website. 

Once you understand these fundamentals, you’ll realize that being successful at internet marketing really is not difficult.  While most people make excuses and continue to be intimidated by technology, I hope you take advantage of this information and see massive results for your business.