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Why CP Fenton?

CP Fenton is a digital marketing and systems automation organization that services the Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance Industries. We have created a completely Done-For-You platform that drives your presence online, automates your workflow and allows you to do what you do best, SELL!

Generate Leads

Get your own leads online and never have to buy leads again

Generate Leads

Get your own leads online and never have to buy leads again

Automate your administrative tasks

Push button follow up & follow through sequences-Done for You

Generate more referrals

Get 1 referral that pays you each year for every person in your database

Dominate your local online presence

Rise to the top of Google Bing and Yahoo

Save you time and money

The average loan officer, real estate & insurance agent spends 60% of their work week on non-sales activity – get all of that time back so you can sell more

Don’t Get Left Behind, Join the Movement

Real Estate

CP Fenton has been designed by today’s Top Real Estate Agents- who’ve been begging for a solution that was simple and effective.  Every modern day tool you need is part of Spider.


Top loan originators today that want to earn big income, know they must generate leads from multiple sources.  We’ve built complete online sales funnels specific to the mortgage industry.


Spider for Insurance Agents was designed to help agents capture the online shopper, provide credibility to your business and automate your prospecting communication workflow.

Your competitive edge: KNOWLEDGE


Check out these proven success strategies and key insights that will help your business grow




Choose your design. We create your site, add forms, lead capture tools, and landing pages. We created your Spider Site which is your hub for online Lead Generation


Mobile responsive, clean and engaging.  These are core elements of Spider Websites.  Getting people to your site is 1/2 the battle, converting them is the other 1/2.  Spider Websites have been created around the mobile viewer as over 65% of your target audience will be looking for your services from a mobile device.


Making MLS search part of your website, we integrate in “raw data form” all of your listings and the listings of other Real Estate Agents in your area.  What does this mean?  1.  It means a longer “visit” to your site.  The benefit to length of time is HUGE as Google, Bing & Yahoo put great emphasis on ranking your website based on how long you are able to keep people engaged!  2.  It means the “Spider” effect.  The Spider effect is how the main search engines “crawl” your data.   This effect is what produces “highly indexed” websites.  The end result?  You ranking on the internet!


With our Platinum package we connect your forms, lead capture tools and landing pages directly to your Spider Pro account.

One of THE BIGGEST MISTAKES Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Loan Originators and Insurance Agents make in their marketing efforts is divorcing their website from their CRM and online sales funnels.  Inside of your Spider Pro are complete Done For You online sales funnels.  Those sales funnels are autonomous of any website, meaning you can use the landing pages and sales funnels inside of Spider to generate leads.  But what those genius online sales funnels were attached to your website?  What if instead of doing a Facebook ad or AdWords campaign with a randomly generated Spider URL, that the URL was attached to your websites URL?  Do you know what this means to the amount of traffic you will drive to your website by having us tie your Spider Pro to your Spider Web?  This is the sole reason we felt compelled to create the Spider Web product.  You have CRM companies and you have companies that build websites.  Marrying the two will put you in the top 1% of internet marketers of your industry in your local marketplace.


We BLOG for you and post to your blogs to your social media sites! Your website should present you as a legitimate professional in your market. We syndicate your content to your Social Media Pages to keep your followers engaged.


We make sure YOU are creating Top of Mind Awareness with all of your friends, centers of influence and members of your local community by posting excellent, relevant and interesting articles each week.  We post it to your site, it hits all of your social media sites instantaneously and YOU drive more repeat and referral business as a result of the content we post for you.

We encourage YOU to periodically blog as well as nothing beats ORIGINAL CONTENT!  All of the search engines know whether content is original or not.  Their algorithms are extremely sophisticated and when you post great, original content, you will reach people that don’t already know you and index your site at an accelerated rate.  In simple terms, original content written on a consistent basis will do wonders for ranking your website.   Don’t worry, we will show you how easy it is with a Spider Website.


We tie all of your social media accounts to your Spider Website.  This connectivity means that anytime we blog for you or you write a blog article, that content automatically is posted to all of your social media accounts

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“Purchasing a Home: Turn the home of your dreams into reality.”

“All of the Service None of the Stress”

“Keller Williams Realty is an American international real estate franchise with headquarters in Austin, Texas”

About Us

Spider Media was formed to put structure, process and technology into the hands of the very small business owner using a single application. Our goal is to create wealth and balance for our clients by focusing on automation, lead generation and systems that yield more referrals.

Mid-sized and large organizations have both the capital and personnel to pick and choose a technology, customize it, create the content needed for workflow automation and execute it. They also have full time employees dedicated towards website and internet marketing. Spider Media recognizes that today’s very small business owner does not have the time and resources they need to put all of these pieces together. We have built a single technology solution that is fully customized and prepared for Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Professionals and Insurance Agents. Our growth and success is attributed to our Done-For-You approach to online marketing and business process automation.

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